I/We, the applicant, hereby make application for a dust suppression strip to be applied by the County of Grande Prairie Public Works department to the municipal roadway adjacent to my/our residence or other portion of property at the location described/selected and indicated on the plan herein.
I/We, the applicant acknowledges and accept the following terms and conditions related to this service:

  • Dust suppression strips are to be applied to the identified road source by the County of Grande Prairie Public Works department upon completion of the appropriate form by the resident/landowner and pre-payment of the calculated fee. Scheduling of the work shall be subject to regular dust suppression program priorities and in combination with other requests due to cost effectiveness.
  • Dust suppression strips shall be a minimum length of 100 meter of roadway surface. Requests for lengths of over 300 metres of roadway surface to be treated are subject to the discretion of the Superintendent/Director of Public Works.
  • The county of Grande prairie No.1 does not guarantee the effectiveness of the dust control agent. Once the agent has been applied no refunds of the application fee will be made. IF THE NEED ARISES THE SAID PORTION OF TREATED ROADWAY WILL BE GRADED TO MINIMIZE HAZARD FOR VEHICULAR TRAFFIC.
  • The noted fee must be paid along this application
  • Application Width 7 meters (23ft)
  • The applicant will be provided with stakes that they will place to indicate the area on which they wish to have the dust control suppression strip applied.
  • The information given in this form is full and complete and is, to the best of my knowledge, a true statement of the facts relating to this application for dust control.
  • The information given in this form is being collected for municipal purposes, Under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION and PROTECTION of PRIVACY (FOIP) ACT, and is protected by FOIP ACT. if you have any questions about the collection, contact our FOIP coordinator at 780-532-9722.